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Joel I. PicketGotham’s New York roots, like its personal and long-lasting relationships, run deep, and infuse the company with the same dynamic energy as the city that shares its name. Gotham takes a community-minded approach to development, enhancing the city and its neighborhoods with every new project by focusing on artfully designed buildings that lean on neighborhood materials and skyscapes, and thoughtful amenities that add energy and create a locals’ destination.

Gotham’s rich legacy began in construction; for over a century, Gotham Construction Company has built projects including office buildings, hospitals, schools, retail centers, and apartment buildings.  The company’s innovative approach and leadership continue to reshape the NYC skyline, streetscape and industry, while its ethos remains grounded in construction and an ability to build projects on time and on budget.

Examples of Gotham's innovation and leadership include:

  • Gotham West residences, the first 50/30/20 affordable housing development in New York City that transformed the Hell’s Kitchen community; 
  • The Gotham West Market, the trendsetting food hall that garnered two stars from The New York Times;
  • New Gotham, the first luxury residential building constructed out of the slowdown in the 90’s; 
  • Harlem USA, large urban retail center in an iconic neighborhood, which helped transform the 125th Street corridor; and 
  • DC USA, the largest retail development in the District of Columbia
    • 2020s
    • 2020  515 W 42nd St
    • 1990s
    • 1999  The Chesapeake, NYC
    • 1999  147 East 76th St. & Lexington Ave., NYC
    • 1999  Pier A at Battery Park, NYC
    • 1999  Gurwin Jewish Geriatric Center, Commack
    • 1998  Methodist Hospital, Brooklyn
    • 1998  CDI Queens, Queens
    • 1998  New Gotham, NYC
    • 1998  MVP Housing, Bronx
    • 1998  Longacre House, NYC
    • 1997  Two Bridgeset 4, NYC
    • 1997  345 East 64th Street, NYC
    • 1997  Dumont Masonic Nursing Home, New Rochelle
    • 1997  Fordham Library, Bronx
    • 1996  Damp Rehab Program, Bronx & NYC
    • 1996  NOW Program, Bronx
    • 1996  685 Third Avenue, NYC
    • 1995  Carlos Rios, NYC
    • 1995  Shorefront Jewish Geriatric Center, Brooklyn
    • 1995  Hebrew Home for the Aged, Riverdale
    • 1995  Harbor Hill Senior Housing, Brooklyn
    • 1995  Metropolitan Jewish Geriatric Center, Brooklyn
    • 1995  P.S. 37 Tibbett Gardens Elementary School, Bronx
    • 1995  East NY Turnkey, Brooklyn
    • 1995  HELP Housing & Retail, NYC
    • 1995  Wartburg Home, Mount Vernon
    • 1994  Henry Brooks, NYC
    • 1994  AT Kearney, Inc. Citicorp Center, NYC
    • 1993  Bank Audi, NYC
    • 1993  Los Tres Unidos, Brooklyn
    • 1992  Monsignor Fiorentino, Bronx
    • 1992  2250 Broadway, NYC
    • 1992  Project Hope, Bronx
    • 1991  Cineplex Odeon, NYC
    • 1991  Kingsbrook Hospital, Brooklyn
    • 1991  270 West 17th Street, NYC
    • 1991  Grand Chelsea, NYC
    • 1991  YM/YWHA, NYC
    • 1991  Echo Apartments, NYC
    • 1991  Dr. Sigmund Briger Pavilion, Brooklyn
    • 1990  Port Washington School, Port Washington
    • 1990  Abyssinian Towers, NYC
    • 1990  The Royal Elizabeth, NYC
    • 1990  Manhattan Jewelry Center, NYC
    • 1980s
    • 1989  Crowne Plaza Hotel, Queens
    • 1989  Peninsula Hotel, NYC
    • 1989  Manhattan Valley, NYC
    • 1989  Red Square, NYC
    • 1989  The Future, NYC
    • 1989  Henri Bendel, NYC
    • 1988  Holiday Inn JFK Airport, Queens
    • 1988  Harbor View Apartments, Staten Island
    • 1988  Carlton House, Larchmont
    • 1987  200-204 East 11th Street, NYC
    • 1987  Westmont, NYC
    • 1987  Key West, NYC
    • 1987  The Vogue, NYC
    • 1987  Ryan Health Center, NYC
    • 1986  The Michaelangelo, NYC
    • 1986  Rosehill Apartments, Brooklyn
    • 1986  Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn
    • 1986  Executive Plaza, NYC
    • 1985  Seagirt, Far Rockaway, Queens
    • 1985  Daniel J. Gilmartin Houses, Queens
    • 1985  Rutherford Place, NYC
    • 1984  Paul Stuart, NYC
    • 1984  New Lane Shore Apartments, Brooklyn
    • 1984  Presbyterian, Queens
    • 1984  Community Hospital of Brooklyn, Brooklyn
    • 1983  Queens B’nai B’rith, Queens
    • 1983  Cabs Elderly, Brooklyn
    • 1983  Musicians Union, NYC
    • 1982  Scheuer House, Brooklyn
    • 1982  Brookdale Hospital Center, Brooklyn
    • 1982  St. John’s University, Queens
    • 1982  32 East 76th Street, NYC
    • 1982  The Renwick, NYC
    • 1982  92 Schermerhorn Street, Queens
    • 1982  Pilot Cove Manor, Bronx
    • 1981  Kings Highway Hospital, Brooklyn
    • 1981  Integrated Resources, Elmwood Park, NJ
    • 1981  Integrated Resources, Union Square, NYC
    • 1981  50 Broadway, NYC
    • 1980  Bishop Boardman, Brooklyn
    • 1980  131-33 East 23 St. & Lexington Ave., NYC
    • 1970s
    • 1979  Washington Heights Site C, NYC
    • 1979  Motor Vehicle Bureau, Queens
    • 1979  Connolly Hall, LIU, Brooklyn
    • 1978  244 Madison Avenue, NYC
    • 1978  101 West 55th Street NYC
    • 1978  Catherine Sheridan Houses, Queens
    • 1976  Metropolitan Jewish Geriatric, Brooklyn
    • 1975  Quay St. Factory, Brooklyn
    • 1975  Hudsonview Terrace, NYC
    • 1975  Mt. Sinai Hospital, NYC
    • 1974  Bronx-Lebanonrd, Bronx
    • 1974  James Lenox House, NYC
    • 1973  Seaview Apartments, Brooklyn
    • 1972  Hotel Buckingham, NYC
    • 1971  Tanya Towers, Brooklyn
    • 1971  Abbey Garage, NYC
    • 1970  First National City Bank, Brooklyn
    • 1970  St. Martin’s Tower, NYC
    • 1960s
    • 1969  St. George Plaza, Staten Island
    • 1969  Essex Terrace, Brooklyn
    • 1968  Brookdale Hospital Center, Brooklyn
    • 1966  Ramaz School & Synagogue, NYC
    • 1965  Temple Israel, NYC
    • 1965  Bankers Trust Co., Staten Island
    • 1964  Maimonides Hospital, Brooklyn
    • 1964  Temple Israel of the City of NY, NYC
    • 1964  Kehilath Jeshurun, Ramaz Synagogue, NYC
    • 1964  Mark Terrace Apartments, Bronx
    • 1964  Mt. Sinai Hospital, NYC
    • 1964  Paul Stuart, Inc., NYC
    • 1963  Mayflower Terrace, Bronx
    • 1963  General Electric Company, NYC
    • 1963  Beth-El Hospital, Brooklyn
    • 1962  Macy’s Warehouse, Queens
    • 1962  Richmond Memorial Hospital, Staten Island
    • 1962  Bronx Park East Housing, Bronx
    • 1962  Beth Israel Hospital, Brooklyn
    • 1962  Chase Manhattan, NYC
    • 1961  Maimonides Hospital, Brooklyn
    • 1961  Tower Gardens, Bronx
    • 1961  Workmen’s Circle Home for the Aged, Bronx
    • 1961  Beth Abraham Home, Bronx
    • 1961  Boulevard Hospital, Queens
    • 1961  Kent Building Conversion, NYC
    • 1960  Bayswater Jewish Center, Queens
    • 1960  Daughters of Jacob, Bronx
    • 1960  Temple Beth-El, Cedarhurst, Long Island
    • 1950s
    • 1959  Maimonides Hospital, Brooklyn
    • 1959  Shaaray Tefila Synagogue, NYC
    • 1959  Yeshiva University, Van Etten Hospital, Bronx
    • 1959  Filmways, Inc., NYC
    • 1958  Downtown Talmud Torah, NYC
    • 1958  Society for Ethical Culture, NYC
    • 1958  Sachs Quality Stores, Paramus
    • 1958  Quality Bankers Association, NYC
    • 1958  Richmond Memorial Hospital, Staten Island
    • 1958  Oakland Jewish Center, Queens
    • 1957  Bankers Trust Co., NYC
    • 1957  Star Corrugated Box Co., NYC
    • 1957  Union Pencil Co., Yonkers
    • 1957  Congregation Habonim, Inc., NYC
    • 1957  Jewish Chronic Disease Hospital, Brooklyn
    • 1957  Brooklyn Women’s Hospital, Brooklyn
    • 1957  Manufacturers Trust Co., Brooklyn
    • 1956  Hebrew Community Service, Inc., Long Island
    • 1956  Civic Center Synagogue, NYC
    • 1956  Fieldstone School, Bronx
    • 1956  Simplicity Pattern Co., Inc., NYC
    • 1955  Stern College of Yeshiva College, NYC
    • 1955  Yiddish Scientific Institute, YIVO, Inc., NYC
    • 1955  Warschauer Solomon Home, Brooklyn
    • 1955  Hospital for Joint Diseases, NYC
    • 1955  Montefiore Hospital for Chronic Diseases, Bronx
    • 1955  Jacob Ruppert Brewery, NYC
    • 1955  Otis Elevator Co., Bronx
    • 1955  Eastport Chemical Co., Bronx
    • 1955  Beth-El Hospital, Brooklyn
    • 1954  Forest Hills Jewish Center, Queens
    • 1954  Temple Adath Israel Community Center, Bronx
    • 1954  183 Madison Avenue, NYC
    • 1954  Manufacturers Trust Co., NYC
    • 1954  Chemical Bank & Trust Co., NYC
    • 1954  Piels Brewery, Brooklyn
    • 1953  A. Perlman Iron Works, Bronx
    • 1953  YMHA, Bronx
    • 1953  Jewish Centre of Highbridge, Inc., Bronx
    • 1952  Temple Isaiah, Queens
    • 1952  Oakland Jewish Center, Queens
    • 1952  Ethical Culture School, NYC
    • 1952  Brooklyn Hospital Medical Center, Brooklyn
    • 1952  Hearns Department Store, Bronx
    • 1952  Knickerbocker Theatre, NYC
    • 1951  Board of Education, Brooklyn
    • 1951  Franklin Stores Corporation, NYC
    • 1951  Congregation Rodeph Sholom, NYC
    • 1950  Pontiac Sales & Display Facility, NYC
    • 1950  NY Telephone Company, NYC
    • 1940s
    • 1941  Joint Disease Hospital, NYC
    • 1941  New York Public Library, NYC
    • 1940  The Guild for the Jewish Blind, Yonkers
    • 1940  Sheffield Milk Bar, NYC
    • 1940  City of NY Info Center, Grand Central Station, NYC
    • 1930s
    • 1938  37th & 5th Ave, NYC
    • 1938  Mercantile & Theatre Building, NYC
    • 1931  155 East 44th Street, NYC
    • 1931  Federal Courthouse & Post Office, Brooklyn
    • 1931  Gotham Construction Company
    • 1930  Printing Trade Bldg, NYC
    • 1930  Printarts Building, NYC


These are the people behind the most dynamic developments and neighborhood projects that have helped shaped New York City’s changing skyline. Collectively they infuse their imagination, creativity, energy, vision and passion into every project to bring some of the most distinctive properties and communities to life. While different in backgrounds and diverse in experience, the collaborative group share one thing in common: an organic way of thinking about development.

Joel I. Picket
Joel I. Picket
Joel I. Picket
Chairman & CEO, Gotham Organization, Inc, Vice Chairman, Gilbane Building Company

Joel I. Picket currently serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Gotham Organization, Inc., and Vice Chairman of Gilbane Building Company.  During his tenure leading the fourth-generation, family-owned development and construction firm, Mr. Picket has built Gotham into a leading real estate developer, as well as one of the largest privately-held construction contractors in the country. With the completed construction of more than 30,000 residential units in the New York metropolitan area, Gotham has created lasting impact on New York City, crafting a legacy for Mr. Picket that is woven seamlessly into the urban landscape.

In 2015, Mr. Picket created an alliance with Gilbane Building Company, transferring third party construction contracts to Gilbane, while focusing Gotham on its own development, ownership and construction businesses.  Mr. Picket now serves as Vice Chairman of Gilbane Building Company, in addition to his duties as Chairman & CEO of Gotham Organization, Inc.

Mr. Picket began his career working on government-assisted housing construction and hospital projects. He soon expanded Gotham’s reach to other sectors, including the construction and development of hotel, commercial, medical, educational, retail and residential properties throughout the New York metropolitan area and Washington, D.C.

Mr. Picket’s experience encompasses a breadth of government programs commencing with the Mitchell-Lama program, HUD-financed projects including 221 D-3, Section 8 and J-51, and working with not-for-profits on over fifteen 202 developments.  He also completed some of the initial 80/20 projects, dating back to the mid-1980s.

Mr. Picket has been actively involved in various real estate trade organizationsl; he is a member of the Board of Governors and Executive Committee of the Real Estate Board of New York, and of Lincoln Center’s Real Estate and Construction Council, a former director of the National Housing Conference, and former member of the Board of Directors of the Building Contractors Association.

A longtime supporter of the arts and cultural institutions, Mr. Picket serves as Board Member and is on the Executive Committee of the New York Philharmonic, New York Historical Society and Richard Tucker Music Foundation, and has served on the Board of Park Avenue Armory and the Foundation for the National Archives.

Mr. Picket is also committed to the support of higher education and advances in healthcare, currently serving as a Trustee Fellow of Fordham University and the Board of Trustees and Executive Committee of the Mount Sinai Health System.  Among others, he served as a member of the Board of Overseers for Albert Einstein College of Medicine, as Vice Chairman, Board of Trustees of Continuum Health Partners, as Board Member of Fordham University, and on the Advisory Council of his alma mater, Cornell University, as well as Cornell’s Herbert F. Johnson Museum.


Civic and Philanthropic Involvement:

Fordham University (Trustee Fellow)

Lincoln Center Real Estate and Construction Council (Member)

Mount Sinai Health System  (Board of Trustees, Vice Chairman - Executive Committee)

New York Philharmonic (Board Member, Executive Committee)

New York Historical Society (Board Member, Executive Committee)

Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) (Board Member, Executive Committee)

Richard Tucker Music Foundation (Board Member, Executive Board)


Former Board Service:

Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Yeshiva Univ. (Member, Board of Overseers)

Cornell University Council (Advisor)

Cornell University, Herbert F. Johnson Museum (Advisory Council)

Continuum Health Partners, including Beth Israel (Vice Chairman, Board of Trustees)

            Medical Center, St. Luke’s/ Roosevelt Hospital,

            and New York Ear & Eye Infirmary

Fordham University (Board Member)

Foundation for the National Archives (Vice Chairman, Board)

Jewish Museum (Board Member)

Building Contractors Association (Board Member)

National Housing Conference (Board Member)

Park Avenue Armory (Board Member)

David L. Picket
David L. Picket
President - Gotham Organization, President - Gotham Development

David L. Picket is President of Gotham Organization, a vertically integrated real estate development company providing services throughout concept, financing, design, building, lease-up and ongoing management phases. Since joining the company in 1991, David has led Gotham’s new project development business through a period of unprecedented growth.  He became responsible for Gotham’s development and property operations businesses in 1998, and serves as Chief Executive Officer of Gotham Development.  David represents the fourth generation of Picket leadership in Gotham’s 100-year history, continuing the firm’s dedication to multifamily housing in New York City.

Under David’s direction, Gotham has developed over 5,000 housing units and over 1.7 million square feet of urban retail. The majority of the firm’s developments have utilized public/private partnerships, combining public funds, tax benefits and/or reduced land prices in exchange for the creation of affordable housing, schools, community facilities, job programs and other public benefits.

David was one of the first developers to capitalize on the resurgence of the multi-family housing market in New York in the mid-1990s and to recognize the untapped potential of the Midtown West neighborhood. In addition to Gotham West, which transformed an entire block in Hell’s Kitchen and includes the celebrated Gotham West Market, he is responsible for the development of several award-winning properties, including The Nicole, Atlas New York, The Foundry, New Gotham and The Corner, and retail projects that include Harlem USA and DC USA. Harlem USA was the first development to utilize funds generated by the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone and, at the time, represented the largest private investment ever made in Harlem. Prior to joining Gotham, David was a banker in the real estate division of Citicorp and a real estate attorney for what is now Bryan Cave LLP.

David holds a law degree from Columbia and a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University. David is a member of or affiliated with a number of boards and organizations, including the Brooklyn Academy of Music (Member, Board of Trustees), Breaking Ground (Member, Board of Directors), Cornell University (Member, College of Arts & Sciences Advisory Board), the Real Estate Board of New York (Member, Board of Governors; Member, Housing Committee; Director, Owners and Builders Division), Realty Foundation of New York (Member, Board of Directors), The Fashion Center BID (Member, Board of Directors), Jewish National Fund (Tree of Life Award, 2007) and UJA- Federation of New York (Honoree, 2011).

David L. Picket
Phillip G. Lavoie
Phillip G. Lavoie
Phillip G. Lavoie
COO - Gotham Organization

Phil is responsible for overseeing day-to-day operational, corporate, and business functions of the company and oversees preservation / value-add development projects.  He joined Gotham in 2018, after overseeing asset management and property operations for a number of private equity firms and developers including Madison Realty Capital, WinnResidential, the Arker Companies, Richman Asset Management, and First Sterling Financial. 

Phil has overseen investment portfolios in excess of 75,000 apartments, and management portfolios in excess of 8,000 apartments / 3 million square feet of commercial property.  These portfolios have consisted of a variety of uses including multifamily, office, medical, retail, industrial, and land.  His areas of expertise include asset management, property management, real estate finance and development, distressed debt, and corporate organization and operational efficiency.  Phil has overseen several energy retrofit projects, including one for which he received Con Edison’s Property Manager of the Year award in 2012.

Phil has directed several strategic corporate and property level repositioning initiatives, leading to vastly improved financial performance, brand reputation, employee engagement, and owner/investor satisfaction.  He has overseen several large-scale preservation projects in complex urban environments, arising in many cases through the foreclosure of distressed debt and the negligent disregard of prior owners.  He has managed properties during receiverships, Article 7A proceedings, and bankruptcies.  He has overseen the removal of thousands of city code violations and the restoration of services to disadvantaged residents.

Phil holds a BS from Bard College and an MS from NYU’s Schack Institute of Real Estate.

Phil currently serves on the board of the New York State Association for Affordable Housing and on the Young Leadership Council of the New York Housing Conference.  He is an Adjunct Instructor at the Stephen L. Newman Real Estate Institute of Baruch College, as well as an instructor in NYC HPD’s Minority & Women-Owned Business Enterprise Development Program.

Charles S. Scarlatos
Charles S. Scarlatos
Chief Financial Officer - Gotham Organization

Charles Scarlatos joined Gotham in 1999. As CFO, Charles handles the accounting and tax reporting on a multitude of investment properties as well as overseeing corporate finance. He works with Gotham’s public accounting firms to streamline audit and tax packages so financial statements and tax returns are prepared in accordance with varying investment loan requirements. One of Charles’ first assignments was to compile a complete accounting report for investors and equity partners of a 38-unit, 22-story luxury condominium with gross sales of $75 million.

At Gotham, Charles has established several new procedures and accounting controls to ensure timely and accurate reporting. He migrated the development division’s accounting to a job and cost-based computer software system, at a time when development deals had grown significantly in number and size. The latest development deal is an over $520 million, 1238-unit residential rental property, completed over a three-year period.   

Charles is also responsible for the financial and tax reporting on Gotham’s portfolio of rental properties with gross revenues of approximately $65 million. He has diligently and expediently managed the accounting processes during transitions to the third-party property management company. His other duties include administering a real estate tax petition process with outside counsel, various compliance reporting for tax incentive programs and debt-service payments.

Prior to Gotham, Charles had a career in public accounting with a construction and real estate emphasis.  He is a New York State CPA and a long-standing member of the New York State Society of CPA’s. He received a Bachelor of Science in accounting from Adelphi University in 1982.

Charles S. Scarlatos
Bryan Kelly
Bryan Kelly
Bryan Kelly
Executive Vice President, Development

Bryan Kelly joined Gotham in 2016 as Executive Vice President, Development, where he leads the Gotham Development division, including oversight of the acquisition process, entitlements and approvals, design, deal structuring, capital raising, marketing strategy and stabilization and refinancing. 

Prior to Gotham, Bryan successfully led numerous development projects for Fisher Brothers, a private firm focused on investment, asset management and development for its real estate portfolio.  As Project Executive, he oversaw more than $400,000,000 of development, including the condo conversion of 101 West 87th Street and the design and development of 225 East 39th Street, projects spanning luxury market rate homes, 80/20 affordability, amenities and retail spaces.

Bryan began his career as an Originations Manager at First Sterling Financial, a privately held firm specializing in tax credit syndications, focusing on the origination, structuring and underwriting of tax credit investments to create or preserve affordable housing, followed by time as a Senior Project Manager with Atlantic Development Group, a leading NYC developer of affordable and mixed‐income housing. During his tenure with Atlantic, he oversaw the planning or financing of more than 1,000 new affordable homes for New Yorkers.

Bryan holds a bachelor’s degree from Fordham University, College at Rose Hill and pursued Graduate Studies in Economics at the Fordham University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Bryan was a five‐year scholarship athlete and member of the Fordham University Baseball Team. He is also currently a member of the Advisory Board for the New York Housing Conference.

Charlie Loskant
Charlie Loskant
Executive Vice President, Construction

Charlie Loskant is Executive Vice President, Construction at Gotham. In this role, he oversees all matters pertaining to technical design, schedule, and construction on new projects, beginning at pre-construction in collaboration with the development team.  Charlie also manages capital projects on existing portfolio buildings.

Prior to joining Gotham, Charlie led Construction & Development Services for Imperial Companies, where he provided senior leadership in management of all aspects of development and construction. He executed on the development and construction ofof 509 West 38th St in New York City, a 30 story, $170M multifamily development.  Charlie also successfully entitled and managed development and preconstruction of 601 Washington Avenue in Miami Beach, a 269 key, $165M hotel.

Previously, Charlie spent eight years at Extell Development, where as Senior Vice President, Construction Management, he served as Project Executive for ONE 57, 212 East 47th St Condominiums, and other development projects.  His experience also includes time as a superintendent with M.D. Carlisle Construction Corp.  Charlie began his career as a Junior Geotechnical Engineer with Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers. 

Charlie holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Lafayette College, where he graduated cum laude and received the Carol Basset Philips Award for Outstanding Achievement in Civil Engineering.  

Charlie Loskant
Matt Berenson
Matt Berenson
Matt Berenson
Vice President - Gotham Properties & Hospitality

As Vice President, Gotham Properties & Hospitality, Matthew Berenson runs Gotham's Asset Management and Property Management departments. Since joining the firm in March 2012, he has been responsible for overseeing the multi-family residential and retail portfolio, and handles all facets of the properties, including daily supervision of operations.

Prior to Gotham, Mr. Berenson started his career in Corporate Treasury with a metal merchant in Stamford and then Morgan Stanley. While pursuing a Masters of Science in Real Estate Investments from New York University’s Schack Institute of Real Estate, Mr. Berenson obtained a position as Asset Manager with a private investment real estate company overseeing a multifamily residential and retail portfolio in New York City. Mr. Berenson received a MS from NYU Schack in 2009, and a BS in Financial Economics from Binghamton University in 2002.

Simeon E. Maleh
Simeon E. Maleh
Vice President - Gotham Development

As Vice President of Development, Simeon manages the design and construction for Gotham’s new developments, and oversees and coordinates architecture, engineering and construction teams from preliminary feasibility studies through construction. Current projects include 250 Ashland Place in Brooklyn, 44-28 Purves Street in Long Island City, and the Inkwell at 520 West 45th Street in Manhattan.

Simeon previously worked in the New York office of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, LLP. He was instrumental in a number of urban projects, including master plans and towers from design through construction. Projects were international and domestic mixed-use buildings with residential, hotel, office and retail components. Simeon has led large design, technical and consulting teams, demonstrating strength in team management. He oversaw the design and documentation of International Gem Tower, a 685,000 square-foot office tower in New York City; BBVA Bancomer Operations Center, a 1.7 million square-foot office complex in Mexico City; the W Hotel & Residences, a 1.2 million square-foot hotel and residential building in Kuala Lumpur; and the Haeundae Beach Resort Project, a 2.2 million square-foot hotel and residential complex in Busan, Korea. 

Previously, Simeon handled design proposals at Dattner Architects for Seward Park, including the 1.65 million square-foot development in Manhattan’s Lower East Side and Bronxchester, which includes close to 1,000 units of mixed-income residential and commercial development in the Bronx.

Simeon earned his Masters in Architecture from the New Jersey School of Architecture at NJIT in 2004, and his Bachelors of Science in Architecture from the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan in 2001. He is a Registered Architect in New York and New Jersey, and a LEED Accredited Professional with the United States Green Building Council.

Simeon E. Maleh
Tristan Nadal
Tristan Nadal
Tristan Nadal
Vice President - Gotham Development

Tristan Nadal serves in a development project management capacity specializing in financing and acquisitions. Tristan is involved in all capital markets structuring and underwriting for new and existing developments, acquisitions and financings across the company. He also manages several of the firm’s development projects from acquisition through construction and stabilization.

Prior to joining Gotham, Tristan spent five years at Prudential Real Estate Investors, where he started with the firm’s core-plus account managing a $1.3 billion portfolio of diversified assets through the economic downturn. He also helped establish the equity joint venture development platform, and closed 18 new developments nationally. As a member of the transactions group, Tristan was responsible for sourcing, underwriting and executing new deals of all investment types in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions.

Tristan received a BA from the University of Pennsylvania, where he majored in Urban Studies and minored in Urban Real Estate and Development. Tristan is Treasurer of the Board of Directors of Community League of the Heights (CLOTH), a Program Champion on ULI’s Steering Committee, and a member of the New York Housing Conference’s Young Leadership Council.

Jessica Koenig
Jessica Koenig
Marketing Director

Jessica leads marketing for all of Gotham’s businesses, including new development projects, leasing, and food markets. She oversees digital marketing, social media, PR, events, partnerships, and agency management.

Since joining Gotham in 2016, she has played an integral role in two successful residential lease-ups, in improving retention rates across the portfolio, and in launching Gotham Market at The Ashland, bringing a much-needed culinary option to Downtown Brooklyn.

Jessica has developed and launched Gotham’s first portfolio website, allowing prospective renters to search availabilities across all properties.

Prior to joining Gotham, Jessica worked for Bloomingdales where she completed the Executive Development Program and became an Associate Sales Manager.

Jessica graduated magna cum laude from University of Miami, where she majored in marketing and management.

Jessica Koenig
Matthew Picket
Matthew Picket
Matthew Picket
Development Associate

Matthew Picket is an Associate in Gotham’s Development group, focusing on the financial analysis and due diligence of new and existing developments and acquisitions. Prior to joining Gotham, Matthew worked for Norges Bank Real Estate Management (NBREM), where he focused on acquisitions in the competitive New York City market.  While at NBREM, Matthew completed the acquisition of a 48% interest - $3.55B gross valuation – in an 11 asset, 5M square foot office and retail portfolio with Trinity Church in the Hudson Square neighborhood. He helped to reposition the portfolio following the acquisition, includingthe selection of Hines as the portfolio’s new operating partner.

Prior to NBREM, Matthew worked at Bank of America in their Commercial Real Estate Lending group.  

Matthew graduated magna cum laude from Cornell University, where he majored in History. He enjoys traveling, collecting historical documents, golf, baseball and basketball. 

Stephen Strateman
Stephen Strateman
Development Associate

Stephen Strateman is an Associate in Gotham’s Development group, focusing on the financial analysis and due diligence of new and existing developments and acquisitions. Prior to joining Gotham, Stephen worked for a New York City owner/operator where he specialized in sourcing and executing the acquisitions of multifamily assets in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Stephen also worked as a financial analyst for Millstein & Co., a leading financial restructuring advisory firm, where he was involved with debt capital markets transactions in excess of $1 billion.

Stephen graduated summa cum laude from Tulane University, where he majored in Finance.

Stephen Strateman



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Last chance for smoked kangaroo: Brad Farmerie's Public closes this week


Its James Beard Award-winning interior decor also launched AvroKO Hospitality Group, which would go on to define the artsy warehouse aesthetic at Gotham West Market and the garage-meets-art gallery feel of basement bar Genuine Liquorette.


Where To get your crab fix in New York City


Get your bibs ready.

Whether you fancy steamed hard shells, legs, cakes or rolls, summer is prime time for crab lovers.



Where To Live When The L Train Shuts Down


Here are some alternatives for renters looking for neighborhoods with a similar vibe.



Grilling Do's and Don'ts


Chef John Stage shares his top do's and don'ts for grilling.



NYC's Best Food Courts For Groups


When you’re traveling with a large group, it can sometimes be difficult deciding what sounds good to everyone for a meal. Fortunately, New York City has its fair share of food courts to help save the day.




Recipes for the Grill: Skirt Steak and Spatchcock Chicken


Chef John Stage shares recipes for Red Rub Skirt Steak with Charred Tomato and Avocado Salsa and Flip Bird's Spatchcock Chicken with Harissa Spices.




 Rockaway Boardwalk Finds New Life in Mason Jar BK Tabletop


Here are some alternatives for renters looking for neighborhoods with a similar vibe.



Taste the World at Pizitz Food Hall


Ladies and gentlemen: Choza in the main terminal will start boarding for Baja, Mexico. Please have your passes ready.






Gotham Organization Identified as Development Partner For Synagogue Site


The Gotham Organization is probably best known for the large residential and commercial project, Gotham West, on 11th Avenue.




Restaurants To Try In New York This Weekend


Gotham Market at The Ashland




Spring reboot: 7 ways to freshen up your apartment today


Now that we've all packed away our winter boots and officially welcomed spring, your apartment could probably use a little perking-up after the long, cold winter. 



The Best Food Halls in NYC and What You Should Eat


On the ground floor of a luxury residential building, this Fort Greene brother of Gotham West Market is Brooklyn’s newest food hall.




Corner Slice is a Neighborhood Pizzeria With Outstanding Ambitions


Squeezed into a quiet section at the north end of the sprawling complex, past Uma Temakeria’s sushi hand rolls and the Cannibal’s butcher station, Corner Slice winks at pizza parlor nostalgists under its glowing neon signage.



Explore More Neighborhoods with New York City's Bright New Subway Stops


Now the neighborhood of the Meatpacking District, Chelsea and Hell's Kitchen, and West Village to the south, is more accessible than ever, as are its major attractions including the new Whitney Museum of American Art (opened 2015) and Gotham West Market food hall (opened 2013). 



Broadway Musicians in a Hell's Kitchen Studio


Real Estate: Renters 


Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Founder John Stage On What Food Startups Need To Succeed In The Foodie Mecca Of Brooklyn


Entrepreneurs: #StartupLife



Lighting the Way: Glassblowers and the Marriage of Glass and Light


Adam Holtzinger of the Brooklyn-based KEEP just completed a 180-piece globe chandelier for Gotham Market at The Ashland in Brooklyn through Jeffrey Beers International.




Gotham Market at The Ashland in Brooklyn


Gotham Market at The Ashland in Brooklyn, N.Y., is the second food hall from Gotham Organization, Inc.




Brooklyn's Best Eats


Brooklyn is a must-taste destination. The urban landscape is clustered with eateries and bars of every type so satisfication is just a subway ride away.



Hlemmur Food Hall Finally To Open In June


"Mathöllin" is to become Reykjavik’s answer to Tor­vehaller­ne in Copenhagen or Got­ham West Mar­ket in New York, according to organisers.



Brooklyn's Food Courts and Halls: The Complete Guide


If you think eating at a food court means you have to choose between a soft pretzel dipped in cinnamon sugar at Pretzel Time or a Whopper and fries from Burger King, think again.


Eat Like Pops: Gotham Market at The Ashland


Today’s post is a review on the new Gotham Market at The Ashland.


Editors and Chefs Pick: The Best Things We Ate This Week in NYC, March 7-14


Egg & the Bird sandwich at Gotham Market at The Ashland



Meet NYC's Best New Slice of Pizza


Ivan Orkin, the Jewish kid from Long Island who fell in love with noodles and today makes some of the best bowls of ramen in New York City, now sets his sights on another beloved urban staple: the pizza pie.



Brooklyn's New Gotham at The Ashland is a Food & Architecture Mecca


Industrial design elements over crab mac and cheese.

The iconic Gotham West Market in Hell’s Kitchen just got a little brother. And congratulations, it’s in Brooklyn.


Architect and Designer Jeffrey Beers Discusses Gotham Market


Beneath The Ashland residences in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, a new eight restaurant center -- Gotham Market -- has just opened its doors. 



Brooklyn Cultural District Predicted To Be New Retail Hotspot


The intersection at Fulton Street and Lafayette Avenue in Fort Greene tops the list of six retail areas poised for growth in CPEX Real Estate’s eighth annual Brooklyn Retail Report.



Gotham Market, New York, USA


If The Ashland – Brooklyn’s tony new 53-story residential tower designed by FXFOWLE – has a leg up on its competitors, it’s the presence of the 16,000 sq ft Gotham Market on the ground floor.



See inside the model unit for Hell's Kitchen school-to-condo conversion


The apartments pay homage to the elementary school that once called the building home



Day in the life of: David Picket


Gotham Organization's president on playing guitar, recovering from a skiing accident in Utah and how he sources deals.





Would You Live in an Apartment That Was Once a School?


Now you have the chance to move into a former schoolhouse built in the early 20th century. Redesigned by AvroKO, the building features 16 two-bedroom apartments ranging in size from approximately 1,200 to 1,400 square feet.



NYC Developer Sees the Beauty of Old Buildings Redefined


David Picket, president of New York-based developer Gotham, sees the charm in older buildings with character, both for his business projects and his personal home.


New Brooklyn High-Rise Will Feature Top Restaurants on its Ground Floor

At 53 stories, this is the latest residential high-rise being completed in an area marketed as the Brooklyn Cultural District. Located at 250 Ashland Place, it's called The Ashland. Nearly half of the 586 apartments are affordable. In addition, the building offers plenty of amenities.




To fear or not to fear: 40K new rental apartments coming to NYC, report says

A recent report claims that nearly 40,000 new market-rate apartments are coming to New York City in the next three years, but it’s unclear if the spike in supply will overwhelm or barely faze the market.



RENDERINGS: See the Food Hall Planned for Ft. Greene's New Luxury High-Rise

FORT GREENE — As leasing is set to launch at Fort Greene’s newest luxury tower, the high-rise’s developers have released new images of the 53-story building and the ground-floor food hall set to open there this fall. 

New renderings revealed for FXFOWLE’s luxury Fort Greene apartments

Construction is wrapping up on the The Ashland, a 53-story mixed-use skyscraper in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. In anticipation, the building’s website has launched ahead of the July 19 opening of its leasing office.



Development Watch: Affordable Housing Coming To Clinton Hill, 500 Waverly, and More

The rapid change of Fort Greene and Clinton Hill is continuing apace, with major real estate developments sprouting seemingly everywhere.




FXFOWLE’s The Ashland Kicks Off Leasing With New Renderings of Apartments and Food Hall

At the crossroads of Fort Greene, Downtown Brooklyn, and the BAM Cultural District, The Ashland rises. Next Tuesday, July 19, the 53-story, 586-unit tower will open its leasing office to prospective renters interested in its one-, two- and three-bedroom no-fee apartments, priced from $2,600/month for studios to $7,500/month for three-bedrooms.