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From day one, Gotham has taken an industry-leading approach to transforming the buildings and neighborhoods where people live, work, shop, dine and unwind. With a legacy dating back more than a century, the innovative market leader has earned its reputation as the only developer, owner, and real estate manager proven to consistently deliver on the promise of value without compromise – through embedded collaborative partnerships, careful and considered project leadership and management, and a talent roster with depth and breadth, driven by one of the strongest and most experienced teams in the industry.



Gotham’s culture of excellence spans five generations of building and ownership.  The firm continues to capitalize on this rich legacy as it develops innovative new projects and curates a portfolio of high-end properties with timeless appeal.  Gotham’s indelible mark on New York over the last century has transformed the streetscape, skyline, and resident lifestyles of the city.

Below: The southwest and northwest corners of Broadway and West 72nd Street, The Corner, developed and built by Gotham, circa 2010 (left), and Theater & Mercantile Building (right), circa 1938, built by Gotham Construction.


Over the past 100 years, Gotham has built over 40 million square feet of space, including office buildings, hospitals, schools, retail centers, and 35,000 apartments. The firm currently owns/is developing 4.1 million square feet, of which it manages 2.3 million square feet of residential, commercial and retail properties under its new property management division, which manages residential and commercial space for 4,000 residents and 35 commercial tenants. The experienced development team touches all aspects of a project, including acquisition, design, entitlements, deal structuring, financing, construction, marketing, leasing, asset management, regulatory compliance and property management. 


Gotham consistently demonstrates its ingenuity and innovation in practice, whether in the financial structures of diverse deal types -- often through complex public/ private capital arrangements, the insight to drive variety in lifestyle programming and amenities for residents, or the vision to define the next emerging neighborhood through early investment. 

Whether delivering one of the first – and largest – affordable housing developments under the 50-30-20 program, choosing the non-traditional path to fill retail space by focusing on resident lifestyles and neighborhood needs – and launching a trendsetting international wave of food halls in the process, or spearheading a residential development wave in a formerly commercial area like Downtown Brooklyn, Gotham approaches each new project with a creative mindset, grounded in the experience to filter the ideal into the actual, mitigating risk and driving a consistent return on investment.