The Hamilton

300 West 145th Street, New York, NY 10039
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This was the first in a series of projects where Gotham was awarded developer and builder under the New York City Housing Preservation and Development’s Cornerstone Program. The goal of the program is to increase middle-income home ownership in areas where the City of New York has made significant housing and commercial investments.  

This 110,000 square feet property features 77 cooperative units, ground floor retail and a garage. Inside, no detail was spared in the floor-to-ceiling windows, a double-height lobby, gym, interior courtyard and wrap-around terraces on the penthouse floor. The building is a mix of structural steel, plank and masonry bearing walls. Due to a sharp street slope on 145th Street, Gotham built some of the foundation walls over 30-feet high to adapt to the elevation change. The architecture adjusts to the slope and combines six stories on Edgecombe Avenue and nine stories on Bradhurst Avenue for a uniform building elevation line. The project illustrates how Gotham often recognizes the unseen potential of a location. Both Chase Bank and Duane Reade occupy the retail space at the base of the property, demonstrating their support and investment in this community.

Construction Manager
Retail Owner

The Richman Group

Greenberg Farrow Architects